I want my laptop to control 2 usb powered motors for getting around?

I an a complete newbie, so I apologize in advance. I wouldn't imagine i need a microcontroller considering I'm using a laptop, but I don't know. I realize I will need to write a program to control these motors, but I can not find anything on the subject. Nothing I can understand anyway. Please help.

You need a microcontroller to talk between USB and motor.
How big are the motors ?
iceng4 years ago
USB 2.0 can supply 5 Volts at 1.5 Amperes.

See Jameco to read up on a Fan motor 5V at 80 ma or
a shaft brush motor or a stepper motor.

The fan motor is a brushless mini inverter direct wired DC type.
The brush motor is the simplest DC type motor.
The 5v stepper motor requires drive electronics and uses 500 ma.