I want to build a a nice cage for my iguana?

I got a new iguana, about 10 in long. I would like to build him a new cage. I have him in a 30gal tank with wire lid. Is it ok to move him? How do I build a descent cage?

JFiend7 years ago
I found a huge parrot's cage on craigslist that worked very nicely for my iguana.  Placed a couple of tree limbs in it and she was as happy as a clam.  Her day & night heating lamps were placed on the top and she would climb one of the 'trees' to nap under the heat lamps.
iPodGuy8 years ago
You are going to need a much bigger enclosure for your iguana than a 30gal tank.  Even 50 is small for a juvenile or adult iguana.  I built a pen for my snakes out of plywood and hardware cloth, so maybe you could try that.  I had very little woodworking experience at the time and it's still in use after eight years.

You can also add stuff like branches and climbing rope, a couple of lights, a big water dish and a dish for letttuce and fruits.

Save money ahead of time by making something that the iguana can use throughout its life.  That will prevent you from needing frequent size upgrades.

Here's an i'ble I wrote about different heating & lighting products that you may find helpful:
BobS8 years ago
Windows are usually easy to get. Any renovation project can easily give you 4 windows of equal size. The front, or top, needs hinges. Some plywood can become top and bottom. A quality piece of plastic sheet below makes cleaning easy.  Make it nice and spacious. Before putting the lizard in, give it a nice paint job (water based is less toxic), and put some cork/ reed mat in back.
Marsh8 years ago
 One way to do it is get an old console TV set, gut it out, and replace the picture tube with a piece of screen. Put a hinge on the back panel to give yourself access.