I want to build a laptop inside my old gameboy SP?

I want to build a laptop inside my old gameboy SP. I have considered the beagleboard, gumstix, flashcarts, and even the ITX mini.
So far, I think the beagleboard wins, because it's self contained  and just the right dimensions. Is there any other sort of board I should
consider before I blow $100 on a beagle board? It has to fit withing 3"x 3" and preferably run linux or windows.
Thanks for your ideas!


Picture of I want to build a laptop inside my old gameboy SP?
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-max-3 months ago

Why not use a rasberry pi zero? Or take a Pi 3 and desolder the unessesary connectors.

What about a monitor ?
flyingchainsaw (author)  steveastrouk6 years ago
the photo isn't original, and the gameboy Sp screen will (hopefully) be reused
Reusing that screen is going to be tough, since it's designed to be driven directly by the hardware rather than through any of the standard monitor connections. You'd have to track down its specs, find or build display hardware which can talk to it , find or write display device drivers which can talk to that hardware. And it's pretty low resolution by today's standards.

Possible? Yes. Practical? Well, I wouldn't make the effort; your milage may vary.

You can use an adafruit driver.

flyingchainsaw (author)  orksecurity6 years ago
I have also found nice screens of the same dimension that SHOULD replace it.
(it has a VGA in)
do you have a link to the screens? I'm kind of doing the same project.
flyingchainsaw (author)  Robot Lover6 years ago
Unfortunately, no. But It's about 15-30 minutes of googling.
OK; that makes the project much more plausible.
nerd975 years ago
flyingchainsaw (author)  nerd974 years ago
Bro, chillout. I got like 5 of them kicking around. Besides, mine was broken already