I want to build a model of a hydroelectric dam. Ideas?

1st grade project: how does a dam work? model showing river, valley, dam, lake ,etc. Cross-section of dam? Any ideas or similar projects appreciated.

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hsheriff5 years ago
how does a generator work in this hydroelectric power plant? pls help me out in this issue...im a bit confused..i have to submit my project..plss
psymansays8 years ago
Well, you could build a simplified model. Basically, attach a water-wheel, in the path of a stream of water from a small tub, to a little DC motor (which will act as a generator) and use alligator clips to hook directly to an LED, with no resistors. The LED will only need milliamps to light up, so the motor should be able to do that, but you may have to flip the LED over to get the right positive/negative voltage direction.
how can i add a generator and to wat should i add a generator
You can build the generator from wire and two magnets.
This is an example of a light house.

To build hydroelectric dam you just need to make a water wheel. You must attach the generator to a LED
I'm sorry, I can't think of a way to be any more clear than my earlier comment.
richamolly5 years ago
 im a bit confused to the water weel we attach a motar directly and from that moter conect led wires using alligator clips to what do we connect the led to motar and clips to a bulb pls help me i have to submit my project
snayak36 years ago
You will need a water reservoir, some form of turbine, and something connected to the turbine to represent a generator. The water reservoir can be just about anything that can contain water at an elevation above that of your turbine. In the real world, this is usually a dam, so you may want to model something that looks like a dam. Water from the elevated source is allowed to flow from the source past a water turbine. You could make a waterfall and paddlewheel so that people can see the workings, but in an actual generation station, this is a pipe and the turbine is enclosed. The turbine turns as a result of the water flow. A generator is connected to the shaft of the turbine. You can use a permanent magnet motor for your generator. Just hook up a voltmeter to what would normally be the battery leads of the motor to show the voltage being generated. Chances are, your model won't be able to generate enough power to light a bulb, so showing the voltage with a voltmeter is a simple way of demonstrating the principle.
ANDY!8 years ago
If I were you, I would get some foam, carve it and build a mini tubine thing inside, mabye with a computer fan.
mzeeshan2 ANDY!6 years ago
but how can we full the container with water when the dam starting work