I want to build my first Tesla coil...need some advice about the caps

What size caps should I use in my Tesla coil...I have access to 24 and 48 uF that are used in street lights...this is my first coil and I am using a 15 kv nst..any help would be awesome

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frollard8 years ago
https://www.instructables.com/id/The_Tesla_Coil/ step 2 has TONNES of material to get you started...

There's lots of instructions here on ibles also -
And of course there's always the World Wide Web, just waiting for you to use that shiny browser and Goggle or Yahook or Encite, or... Just type in "tesla coil capacitor type" or "tesla coil capacitors" as shown verbatum....you might just be surprised by the response.
Now what are you going around giving out our secrets like that for. If everybody used google etc. there would be no questions for us to answer!
Being a p.i.t.a. of course...dint I list that as one of my higher-order qualifications in my profile? (i much prefer the "what does the spark gap do" type questions....)
but but...what DOES the spark gap do?
so its a gap...and it sparks...
I'll fix that right now