I want to create an RGB pinspot for my disco ball.

I would love to use a color changing RGB (I will buy the bulb) I just want to find some way to make the spot light as tight a beam as possible? Maybe a fixture that works to tighten the beam or using the frame from a 36 par light and putting it in a reflective coating. Any idea is a good idea (mostly...)

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iceng5 years ago
See this vid
iceng iceng5 years ago
Here is the set up
blueFresnel.jpgSYSview.jpgFocuseOut.jpghand Fresnel.jpgfresnelEdmund.jpgLED MR16 front.jpgMR16Fixture.jpg
rcroft (author)  iceng5 years ago
I was hoping to make it very tight beam within a casing that I can take on the road to parties I plan. It just seems that the lens and the light are so far apart it would very difficult to aim. But these are all good ideas that are helping me think of ways to maybe make it work. Thanks.
iceng rcroft5 years ago
Yes But, 
this lens is placed as far because it has a focal length of 13½ inches
a lens of a 2" FL can be placed Closer and way smaller diameter.

Have you ever seen a 8 mm film projector :-)

Anyway I'm no optical eng but there are lots of living examples to guide you.

BTW I'm doing an ible on this LED Fresnel subject,
you may want to keep in touch.

rcroft (author)  iceng5 years ago
That makes a lot of sense. And if you are doing an ible you may want to check out if something like a pressable Fresnel lens. like this one: I am thinking of trying it out. My dad (an optometrist) told me about these they may be a viable option. And I will keep in touch, thanks.

iceng5 years ago
You can find an MR16 RGB LED lamp start there.  .  .  .   A
rcroft (author)  iceng5 years ago
Thanks iceng, that has been the plan from the beginning, I just need a way to tighten the beam.
frollard rcroft5 years ago
this is the biggest problem with current led technology - its REALLY HARD to get a tighter beam.

you lose energy but you can tighten the beam by just occluding the excess with a mask -- or move the bulb closer to the disco light.
rcroft (author)  frollard5 years ago
Do you think there is any way to maybe turn the light around and with a collection of mirrors (like an adjustable flashlight) tighten the beam? LIke this type of beam? http://www.bulbs.com/espec.aspx?ID=10707
frollard rcroft5 years ago
its true, but in order to get a lot of led light, the diode starts getting a LOT wider.
iceng rcroft5 years ago
A simple plastic Fennel lens from Edmund Scientific can collect diverging light beams into a focused beam.

But I would think the beam needs to only be the same as the diameter of the disco ball :-)


rickharris5 years ago
You may be better off with a parabolic reflector rather than a lens - worth experimenting with.