I want to dehumidifie my house with less money?

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seandogue6 years ago
Stop the moisture from entering (seal the basement for instance) and as Steve noted, ventilate.
iceng6 years ago
I know, Just close your mouth (ferme la bouche) breath through your nose.

onrust6 years ago
If I could ask, what makes it humid to begin with? Is it certain places in the home or your climate?
Re-design6 years ago
If you have a pier and beam foundation make sure there is a plastic vapor barrier over the dirt and plenty of vents. that made a huge difference in a house I used to live in.

Install a bigger a/c unit.
WHat are you using now ?
First thing that springs to mind is to improve ventilation - moisture that can be vented outsdoors is moisture you don't have to dehumidify - so are the bathroom and kitchen vents working well ?