I want to drive a 5Kw Steam Turbin from fresnel lens I have Patent pending but need to know how the magic works

Does anyone know .. how much water the ST would take for 5 Kw out put? how big the Fresnel lens needs to be if using heat covector. I know water does not absorbe suns radiation quickly so using a heat convector of some type... curent design ST weighs over 1 ton ...this is small ST  as possible for 5 Kw out put.

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iceng5 years ago
A Fresnel takes a 24" square and concentrates it to a 1" square.
the focal length will put too many too close and the boiler will have to
move under the lenses to keep the sun.
Your patent might pop some corn...

Your boiler a used pressure tank holding 20 gallons of water will
 need a much more concentrated energy source targeted on at least
2 Sq feet from about two full blocks of mirrors that can swing with
the sun.

A 5KW power output is a bit under 7 HP that you have to steam.

Not possible with Fresnel.... Only mirrors can move with the sun like that.

mjcole82 iceng10 months ago

A sun tracker could be easily added to the fresnel lens to allow it to always be at optimal angle to the sun. Something like this would work...


iceng mjcole8210 months ago


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bashers (author)  iceng5 years ago
Part of this design shows a large 2.5metre aqua glycerine lens ( filled on site) being produced in states. i track the sun using simple angled weight this lens provides enough concentrated solar energy to drive ST. if this fails then back to drawing board. but at least i tried.......
Or another way, solar insolation is ~1kW/m^2, 5kW=5m^2, not allowing for losses ! Reckon 10m^2, to allow for them, for a normal ,full, summer sun.

Our sitting President asked the Myth Busters if they would look into
solar mirror setting sailboats on fire.

The intrepid Myth Busters
Using boy scouts with targeting mirrors and black sails
had ZERO ignition ? !

rickharris5 years ago
I don't believe you have thought this through.
As with everything you first have to ask why isn't this being done already as the technology is commonplace. If this exists and weighs a ton then there is a reason.

Steam calculations are easily found on the web I suggest you do some deeper research because if your knowledge and experience is as shallow as it appears from your question messing with high pressure steam is going to be dangerous.

bashers (author)  rickharris5 years ago
Noted. i have ST designer who is building device but not lens. yes there are concerns regarding concentrated solar energy out put. my knowledge is limited but firmy beleive despite lack of math and science degree beleive it can be done. the patent incorporates a lager aqua glycerine lens that shoud provide enough solar energy. i still have a long way to go with other materials but we all have to start at some place. who knows if it can be done untill we try? Do you?
Fresnel lenses loose way too much light energy to do this. That is why everyone uses mirrors !!
bashers (author)  Lectric Wizard5 years ago
it is possible with a number of lenses tracking the sun focas with a mirror directing the energy to a titanium element. it can be done. no one has tried thats all....
iceng5 years ago
A large liquid lens filled on site is a ingenious rates up there with
the barn roof held large Fresnel focused on a 40' long metal
welding table for a worker to follow the sun with the object metals.

I suppose it the large 2.5metre aqua glycerine lens is heavy and has a
long focal length.
Still how much water can you boil with 2.5 m squared of sun ?
bashers (author)  iceng5 years ago
enough i hope ...Well you have asked the $64 thousand dollar question and i intend to work through this with various engineers and figure out what needs to be done to make 5 Kw out put... of solar input.... to be honest i believe it can be done. just not sure how yet... with considerable investment strong will innovation and all that jazz..... lets just say for one second that it works. well its enough to drive this quest to the end. i think the magic is heating an element rather that the water as water does not absorb radiation well. finding solution to this is just part of journey... i require help. no one seems to have any answears to some of my questions regarding calculations, materials, i find such a mish mash of solar calc's and stuff that doen's make sens... so that means it is just possible that it can be done. untill someone of indepth wisdom says otherwise... i will continue. but sofar only positive or they dont know..... so, water, yes how much?
Kiteman5 years ago
If you actually do have a patent pending, you should already have that information.

bashers (author)  Kiteman5 years ago
The concept design and configuration is protected now. the materials and math are not protected as they have already been invented no one to my mind has designed as solar lens steam turbine showing all ellements. weather it can be done remains to be seen. where there is will there is a way. i say make the cause and the law of life comand an effect. I see no reason why this cant work ..... who knows. do you?
Kiteman bashers5 years ago
As Steveastrouk says, it's been done.

There are solar steam power stations, solar Sterling-cycle engines. However, they all use mirrors to focus the sunlight, since economies of scale mean that lenses are not up to the job.

I've seen plenty of solar powered engines, and, AFAIK, Siemens amongst others has been using steam generated by solar for some time. Even YouTube shows some
Well, just to be pedantic... supposing I was thinking about patenting an idea, but I had not yet got around to actually filing a patent application. It would still be pending, in a sense. 

The patent would be pending both the action of me filing the application,  AND pending the action of the patent office approving it.    So really that would be two pendings, and it would be like a patent pending pending.

It might be that Bashers also has one of these potential, potential, eventual, pending, pending patents.  Know what I mean?
Well, if you HAVEN'T filed it, and you discuss it in public, you lose it.
Only if it is an idea worth stealing.
No, once its "published" and it isn't filed, you lose it. No one has to steal it.

+1, I was gonna say the exact same thing.