I want to etch brass components for my model parts.

I want to use press-n-peel thati use with the PCB's I make, to etch small detailed parts for model making, out of brass. What would be the proper ratio to mix Muratic acid with h2o2 so it will not eat away the mask material. I cover the back of the brass sheet with electrical tape, to protect the other side

Just a minor correction to the first answer. Edinburgh etch is a combination of Ferric Chloride and Citric Acid, not Muriatic & H2O2. It's also a pretty good etchant, but disposal is a pain.
jtobako8 years ago
I think it's one acid to two peroxide, but you could search for the instructable and check. One name for this is Edinburgh etch.
cdubnbird8 years ago
sounds fine. i coated a sheet of copper in wax and then etched away the wax where i wanted the design to be and then submerged it in muriatic acid. i just checked it every so often to make sure it didn't dissolve too much