I want to increase my 4.5v DC to 9v DC (actually little above 9v. 10v will be good), so plz help me out for this...?

 and current 0.5Amp is required......hoping any voltage multiplier circuit can do it. plz help. 

srrry bad English!!

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Here's a link to a working design, with enough flexibility to cope with a battery load.


LAYOUT of a circuit like this is absolutely critical to successful operation - make a PCB, don't attempt to breadboard it on one of the sloppy socket boards.

anuk07 (author)  steveastrouk6 years ago
i just can not get the design is it necessary to sign in in this particular site?????
Maybe, but it needs Java running I think.

anuk07 (author)  steveastrouk6 years ago
i got the various available circuits from the link but can i use 12 v @350 mA instead of 9v 500mA on a DC motor .........is there any change in the RPM of motor?????
No, because the motor will try and pull more than 500mA from your 12V supply, nearer 750mA.

You can build a charge pump- a circuit that charges multiple capacitors in parrallel, then discharges them in series, to output a multiple of the input voltage. I think you can get low power charge pumps on a single chip, so that may be better.

Alternatively, DC-DC converters exist, but I do not know how suitable they would be.
anuk07 (author)  The Skinnerz6 years ago

can i use this circuit .....for 4.5v dc input???
You can't transform DC without special circuits called "switch mode" power supplies. With two or three extra components, you can build a step up, or boost power supply using chips called "simple switchers", but if you don't know much about electronics, they are not to be recommended.

You can buy off the shelf blocks, called DC-DC converters which do it for you but they are quite expensive.

anuk07 (author)  steveastrouk6 years ago
i can build circuits...can you tell me in detail about building a step up, or boost power supply using chips called "simple switchers"....or alternative links so that i can work on them...and also can building a DC-DC converter will be cost effective......if yes then what are the requirements for building DC-DC converter...