I want to know if it is possible for one or two ducted fans to lift a person off of the ground?

I know it's a crazy and outlandish thought, but I've always wondered if it's possible. I know the Mythbusters tried it with the plans from Futurehorizons.net and failed but Is there a way to fix the problems and make the 'fan-pack' work? Maybe not even in a 'fan-pack' but maybe more of a VTOL type vehicle, but not so complex as the Moller SkyCar. Like the Mythbusters explored, I would want something that the 'average Joe' could create. If anybody has any ideas or even guidance on how to do it, such as hp of an engine, rpm's what to make the ducts and propellors from etc, then I would really love to know what everybody thinks.


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lemonie7 years ago

It's possible if you have enough power.
But if you're "sitting on a pillar of air" you're liable to topple.


That one isn't getting all that far about ground effect either, in this demo. And they don't pull the camera back far enough to really prove it isn't hanging from a crane. (Yes, I've seen footage of flying vehicles faked that way, usually with an attempt claim that the crane was just providing a safety line.)

Also, what I know about how many hours of maintenance choppers require per hours of flight time convinced me that I wasn't all that interested in learning to fly one. Fixed-wings really are a much more reliable technology, from many points of view.

(Actually, what I _want_ to learn to pilot, someday, is a sailplane. Might settle for hang-glider or ultralight.)

The explanation given (elsewhere) was that to fly at higher altitude would require "paperwork".

That may or may not be true, legally. It's certainly a great excuse .
... a great excuse for being technically-brilliant but too scared to see what your machine can do?

Or for not demonstrating what you're already pretty darned sure it will (or won't) do, and therefore not scaring off possible investors before you've either found a better solution or drained their pockets (whichever comes first).
JackIsted (author) 6 years ago
Just found this question I asked a while ago. I was thinking why isn't it possible to build a scaled up version of the Snelflight RC Plane. Not too large though, not as big as the moller skycar.
Kiteman7 years ago
We discussed the world's smallest helicopter two years ago.

Ducted-fan "jet packs" have been flown quite successfully:

Best answer. But it still takes 200 hp and there is no backup system.
JackIsted (author)  Re-design7 years ago
What takes 200hp?
The apparatus in Kiteman's video.
JackIsted (author)  Kiteman7 years ago
But what I'm asking is if anybody would be able to make one? and of course, by anybody, I mean myself. I don't know much about helicopters or aeronautics, just the very bare basics but would still love to make something almost exactly myself, although not quite as complex obviously. Just something that definietly flies.
Yourself? Not if you have to ask. Dangerous device, a lot of power in a small area. Good way to kill yourself even before you get off the ground.
Also, listen to what that video is saying about Kevlar composite materials -- and the fact that they still hadn't tested the beast above six feet, and the fact that it has a ballistic parachute deployment system... I suspect that designing a control system which keeps it stable so you don't ram yourself into the ground head-first at 200MP is also somewhat challenging. Like I said: Not if you have to ask.
JackIsted (author)  orksecurity7 years ago
Good point. A man can dream though..
gmxx7 years ago
i believe that almost anything is possible, if you throw ebought time, money and resources into the project. You might be able to get something that works, but it will be massive, exspensive, and not work that well. At least, with average joe resources.