I want to made a good telescope by my self 4 viewing stars, please help me in this regard. P.S. Reflecting telescopes?

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kazzak (author) 7 years ago
Thanks for the answers, but i think i fail to put a good question here. What i really need to know is how to prepare a good telescope. I mean what kind of mirrors i need and all other stuff i get from the local market and how to assembled it. Hope it clearify the air.
Re-design7 years ago
If you have a "Star" club or a museum of "Science and History" you might ask them for help. One of the museums near me has a telescope class twice a year where on a Saturday they help you put together a very nice Dobsonian reflector. They give us the choice of a 4", 6" or special order 8" or really special order 10". By the end of the day everybody has a scope to take home.

Of course it a prebuilt mirror and pre-cut wood parts etc. but it works great and the cost is less than you could buy just the parts for.
Prfesser7 years ago
If you are looking to grind and polish a telescope mirror, it takes a lot of time, though it's not particularly difficult. However the cost of the mirror kit plus the cost of aluminizing is as much or more than a fairly-decent finished mirror these days. Ebay has the occasional mirror for sale; I bought a 4.5" dia. mirror in cell, plus a diagonal mirror, for $25. With those it's not hard to come up with the rest of the parts. And a few places will sell optical tube assemblies (OTA) at reasonable prices; you buy or build a mount. Good luck!
SIlvering is becoming popular again, because of the costs of aluminising. Me, I'm making a sold aluminium mirror at the moment - never have to pay to get it aluminised !
kelseymh7 years ago
If you are willing to work from a kit (grinding a mirror from scratch requires substantial practice and experience), I highly recommend the Galileoscope, a simple refractor, which was distributed for last year's International Astronomical Year. If you put that into Google, you can find plenty of sources.
Making a small mirror is pretty easy. Time consuming sure, but hard to screw up if you're committed to making it.
lemonie7 years ago
Only 4, which ones?

Do you want to make a mirror ?