I want to make a bench\trestle to cut firelogs on with a chain saw.

 I need to cut logs with a chain saw to make firewood and need some form of wooden trestle 

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nicelly5 years ago
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Criket7 years ago
Hi! This is how it's generally set!
Hope this help!
Cutting log.png
I built a variation for my father-in- law like orksecurity described.  It has 3 X- shapes of 2x4s, and an L-beam about 5'-6' long from 2x4 stock. The middle X is off center to provide support  for bucking 14" logs easily.  Height of X-shapes is about 25". These measurements are appoximate, as I built the thing a year ago! Reinforced with metal corner brackets.
orksecurity8 years ago
For what it's worth, I believe the traditional tool for this purpose is known as a log jack. Basically, it's a peavey (a log rolling tool) with a foot that the log can be levered up onto.

Websearch says cheap ones start at around $40.

frollard8 years ago
a set of x-beams to support the log would be easy to make - like any sawhorses, but 'x' shaped so that gravity holds the piece down.

<seconded> orksecurity's suggestion for proper protective equipment.
orksecurity8 years ago
If you're going to elevate the logs, you ***MUST*** invest in chainsaw chaps.. That's the situation where there's most risk of the saw swinging down and hitting your leg.

(I suppose one could build the bench to include a sacrificial barrier beneath the  log being cut, providing direct protection against the saw swinging through. You might have to replace it fairly often, though...)

Beyond that, I have no opinion.