I want to make a big magnet to pick up nails?

I need to pick up nails in my field and I want to use my side by side hanging about 12 inches off the ground is there a way I can make a magnet that strong to pick up nails and screws that far away

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-max-3 years ago

Find some old microwaves in the dump and pull the magnets off the magnotrons! I used to have some a relitive once gave be when I was real yound and they are VERY powerful! They can hurt!

dr_peru3 years ago

If you want a really cheap and fast sollution, salvage a magnet from an old speakerbox with a big bassmembrane. There always a big and strong magnet on the backside of the speaker that you can use.

Before picking up nails, put it in a thin plastic bag - this way you can just flip the bag around the nails you just picked up an they will end up in the bag :)

I'd put magnets on the end of things like a rake tine, and drag them behind your tractor, they'd flex, but the nails would hang on the magnets, if you have power full enough ones.

Or a big magnetised drum, with magnets inside an aluminium drum could be rolled over.

that Drum Idea does sound pretty cool :P

Wired_Mist3 years ago

I would buy some rare earth magnets and stick them to a piece of plywood with some epoxy. Just drag the whole thing along the ground behind behind your ATV. May be helpfull if you made some Ski's for them, and elevate them least a 1/2 inch off the ground. That way the grass won't pull them off after they stick

Also, as you pick up more metal, the magnetic field will be weakened; So be sure to stop after each pass to remove the build-up ! and drive slowly.

Good Luck !

verence3 years ago

If they are hanging side by side, they may interact with each other! what are they hanging from? Why 12 inch distance? What kind of nails? What is your field made of?

Kiteman3 years ago

Google for "electromagnet", but lifting nails at a range of 12 inches will need a *lot* of battery power.