I want to make a science project for science fair held in our school after two days.what and how I should make ?

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apriluk8 years ago
Hi, how about a dancing bass monster ? you make a paste from corn flour and water, expose it to LOUD bass and it sort of moves about either in flat patterns or like a little dancing blobule thingy ? loads of videos on youtube, try searching on, non newtonian, bass monster, corn starch, etc. Apparently corn starch doesnt follow the usual newtonian rules of physics and when exposed to sudden high pressure it firms up, as opposed to the ususal watery responses of regular liquids. Great way to demonstrate some physical properties of newtonian liquids and then compare them to regular ones. Plus it requires gunge, & VERY LOUD MUSIC (any excuse!) .  Theres loads of info on the web and you could always download some other video clips to further demonstrate non newtonian properties, ie, running across a swimming pool full of custard (i kid you not) you would probably also need some cling film/similar to carefully line the bass speaker with too, unless you want to demonstrate putting liquids into electrical equipment and the length of time it takes an ambulance to arrive!! (joking aside, DONT DO IT) science is much more fun when you dont wind up in hospital.

apriluk apriluk8 years ago
Hi, here's a you tube clip that shows the effect quite well.
You are my new favorite person.
Re-design8 years ago
Take your pulse and heart rate and temperature every 15 min's. until the project is due.  Graph them and correlate them to the amount of time until the project is due.

Title it "How the heart is affected by an impending deadline and possible failure".

Of course if you do this then you data will be corrupted by the actual project itself.  Which means it won't be a valid project and then you should have stress since you're gonna fail the project so the data would be relevant.   But then when you realize this you corrupt the data and fail.  So your stress level goes back up again.   Oh dear, I need to take a break.

Now I know what I'm gonna do for the Science Fair this year! Okay, I'll start right now, and take my pulse every fifteen minutes until the project's due, which is in a mere three months...

Making yourself a heart rate monitor, using an IR diode/receiver and an arduino or somesuch and you'd be onto a winner.

You know, as flawed as this might be, it's still better than a baking soda volcano.
Two days? Looks like the old baking soda volcano....
This is some cultural reference I don't get :-) Why "the old volcano" ?
We dont' do Science Fair in the UK.

It's just kind of a cliche in the US that every science fair will have at least one baking soda volcano. Sort of a Science Fair Trope, if you will. (Tropers, holla!)
It also carries the connotation of being a poorly researched, poorly executed, holy-crap-I-forgot-science-fair-is-tomorrow sort of project. In my experience, this connotation is usually warranted.
Thanks for the answers guys.
Have you never watched the Simpsons?  Science fairs are a regular plot device.
Kiteman8 years ago
Have a look at the "Science" tab above - scan through and find one you like, that you have the equipment for, and that you have the time for.

Maybe a magnetic field viewer, or making charcoal?