I want to make a simple very simple audio amplifier

Hi people im a 15 year old south african,i want to make a small,very very very very simple and self powered audio amplifier that can work with cellphones.as i sed im 15 and i dont know alot about electronics,so please help me remember the amplifier must be as simple and cheap as possible just say capacitors and resistor and tel me how to make it self powered.thanks in advance,o and 1 more thing please tell me your email address because i might have questions

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UziMonkey8 years ago
Audio cannot be amplified with just capacitors and resistors. You'll need at least a transistor or two, but it would be much easier (and probably cheaper) to simply get an audio amplifier IC (such as the LM386 or its many, many cousins) and use that.
this is really close to the idea that i had... transistor to amplify the signal and a capacitor or 2 to filter out the noise then just a few batteries and there it goes... i havent tried this yet so any problems u see with this plan before i get started?
Comhippy8 years ago
It's pretty simple, but if you want simpler, you can get an IC amplifier at radioshack.
randofo8 years ago
As UziMonkey said, get a LM386 chip (8-pin DIP package). You will then need about 4 capacitors (give or take) to get it up and running.
Sandisk1duo8 years ago
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