I want to make my own greeting card with music, like Hallmark. How do I do that? Thanks.

I don't want to buy a $7 Hallmark card for the recorder or buy a gazillion from China. Where can I buy the recorder?

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You can now find 20-second recordable modules for $4.99 each (no minimum) at my website, http://www.vocalgreetings.com, along with recordable cards.

abbyadams8 years ago
American Science&Surplus is offering sound module buttons that play "Let me call you sweetheart" and you can buy just one. But I'd hurry if you want one cause its surplus and they could run out. Even if you don't, go there anyway because its a DIYers paradise. www.sciplus.com
This website offers just the recordable modules but you have to buy 20 of them: http://www.soundexpressiongreetings.com/musical-greetings/recordable-sound-modules.html

I will be selling blank recordable cards from a website launching in about 2 weeks. There are two sizes, a 5x5 card and a 5x7 card with a die cut frame that holds a photo. Prices are in the $5.99 to $6.99 range and you can buy just one. You can see a preview at http://www.vocalgreetings.com/

lemonie8 years ago
retired2AZ (author)  lemonie8 years ago
Thanks for the suggestion. I checked into this and have to buy 1,000 from China... a little more than I had in mind.
OK, doesn't mention that up front... Still someone must be importing these, probably selling at $10-15? L
if you use a picaxe 08m with a cheap piezo or speaker you can download nokia rttl ringtones on to it and you can also make your own with the tune wizard it has on the programming editor!!!