I want to plant an indoor window sill herb garden, any advice?? I'm a beginner....?

I have very little experience gardening but I am tired of crappy supermarket herbs so I want to grow my own. I want to be able to have fresh herbs year round so I would like to grow inside. My kitchen window gets full sun almost all day. I need advice on where to start and what type of herbs grow best/easiest indoors.

KittyF7 years ago
Spring onions need about 4-5 inches of dirt. the bulb is about an inch and the roots are about 4 inches, but they don't mind searching across the bottom a LITTLE bit.
raquel10987 years ago
Dont use a wooden container. When you water the herbs, the wood will expand and break. It will also rot and grow fungi.
ycc21068 years ago
I have a not much cared for, very cheap, herb/vegetable pot. I just dump anything that may grow while cooking (seeds, bits of roots, branches...). And when they come out it's suspense because I don't know what it'll be. That's the fun -just don't hope and you'd be surprised what can grow. Just let nature do the job. +Grows really well, mine's like a mini jungle.
squidhead (author)  ycc21068 years ago
I may have to try that. :)