I want to purchase a lcd monitor. What can I do with my crt monitor it is in working condition

I have a samtel crt monitor it is in working condition. I want to buy a lcd monitor. What can  I do with the old monitor

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sell it in second hand marketor give it to a friend who need it. then,buy a new one.
ntrider19917 years ago
put your old crt monitor into the attic and save because you may need it when the backlight burns out on new lcd
bwpatton17 years ago
Get a second computer to use it for, or give it away. Or you could get a dual video card and use the CRT as a second monitor.

Sell it or give it to someone who needs a replacement monitor.

JavaNut137 years ago
Make it into a fishbowl. Or (if you don't have fish) make a scrap computer with really cheap bits and pieces.. Failing that sell it (probably for next to nothing) to some-one who does have something to do with it.

you could start by disassembling it

maybe turn it into an ossciliscope
or fish tank

or there's many other creative things to do with it.