I want to run 20-12v leds, witch allready have resistors, what circuit am i best using and what power will i need?ty?

Basicly i want to run 20 5mm uv leds, they allready have the resistors prewired, and state a 12v power source is needed but i wanty to run all 20, what circuit would be best and what kind of power suply and voltage any help would be great chhers

frollard7 years ago
Both steve and trub are correct == Each led series strand needs its own resistor. In this case it is a strand of 1, with a big resistor to burn off about 9 of the 12 volts. They can be wired up right now all in parallel + to +, - to -. directly to 12 volts.

The Solution trub is saying is to remove the individual leds, and run 3 or 4 of them in series.  Then you would only need a small resistor to burn off the last tiny bit of voltage to protect the strand.  It's more work.

Both will work --  I don't like the pre-resistor'd leds, as they remove a lot of the options.
trubshac7 years ago
Can you remove the resistors? If so, you put a number of them in series with a single (different value) resistor.
You run them all in parallel, off a 12V powersupply. Steve