I want to show my own video/dvd via a small LCD monitor, hopefully under 2". Can it be done?

I was thinking of an iPod screen or cell phone sceen. Question is, can they take input if not via an actual iPod (for the iPod screen) or at all for the cell phone screen? Or does any one have any other suggestions?

Alable (author) 8 years ago
Any one know where to get the above, sans plastic body? Just the screen and jack and that? How easy would it be to disassemble?
Alable (author) 8 years ago
Is that what I call it when searching eBay? Most of my searches haven't turned up much? But thanks...I kind of thought the iPod wouldn't work unless I embed the whole darn iPod, which I don't want to do.
Joe Martin8 years ago
The ipod or cellphone screen will not be able to take a input easily I'm afraid, Possible but the cost to make it work is more than the cost of a ready made solution. I would try ebay for handheld lcd portable tvs with a AV input as there cheap and around 2"