I want to start robotics club with students with no experiece. help!?

I want to start a robotics club in school and children are very keen but have no knowledge what should I do?

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randofo3 months ago

It depends on the ages of the student, but start basic. Teach about electricity and powering a vibrating motor and use that to make drawing / vibrobots. There are plenty of examples of that on this site if you search for it.

From there, it's a matter of making things progressively more complicated.

I would check out my Simple Bots instructables. You can see some at instructables.com/simplebots

Fred Easy randofo2 months ago
Also check out www.seaperch.org ... underwater robotics sponsored by the US Navy. Very simple kits to get started, Elementry to High School competitions, PVC is the main building material.

As mentioned here earlier,check about First(it is a name...)!

If the children are sixth to eighth grade then check about FLL

If they are bigger, check about FRC

both Fll and Frc are First's competitions.

pdkarber2 months ago
I started mine with two parallax BOE Bots. Depending on your cash availability and available sponsors you could start with the Arduino based BOE Bots. Parallax has everything you need to start cold and learn good bread boarding and programming techniques here is a link that takes you to parallax page with arduino BOE Bot. Ken and Gacey are happy to help clubs start and succeed. Just give them a call. For younger kids might look at scribbler bot as well. I've used both in elementary level and freshman college level. http://learn.parallax.com/tutorials/robot/shield-bot/robotics-board-education-shield-arduino

Two great resources are Vex and FIRST. Both are exactly this.

I mentored with FIRST Robotics for a while, but both are great programs at all ages.