I want to turn a hard drive into a portable mp3 player. How would I go about this?

lemonie7 years ago
You'd get a portable mp3 player, and glue it to the hard drive.
If you actually wanted to use the hard drive for storage, you'd get a portable power supply for the hard drive, and build some kind of interface unit to connect the drive to the mp3 player - that's the hard part - are you still interested?

killwa lemonie6 years ago
i am interested xD can u tell me how i can connect the HDD to the mp3 player insteed of this built in chip it uses!
lemonie killwa6 years ago

Probably very difficult, as the player will be using RAM, it don't work like a disk (but you can do the opposite)

Well there's the YAMPP project www.myplace.nu/mp3/