I want to turn my paper shredder to a chicken coop door opener?

Hi everyone im new to this i have a new shredder that i dont need or use and i want to turn it to a open and close mechanism to my chicken coop. im fairly knowledgeable about electricity, how over electronics is not my specialty. i already took the mechanism apart and saved what i need to make it work what i need is to figure out the electric part of it.

if someone can help that would be great. 


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elilco (author) 3 years ago
Good morning,
im going to take some more pictures and post them so you have a better idea. but in general your right it has a built in switch for forward stop and reverse it also has to LED sensors to start the motor when the paper is in the tray. it also has a small board with Leds to indicate go and stop.i will post some more pics in a short while.

Thanks, Eli.
elilco (author) 3 years ago

Hi there,

im using an AC motor, right now its attached to the board. i want to use a timer for opening and closing and later in the future convert the whole thing to Arduino. i want to be able to open the door in the morning and close in the evening. i was thinking of using micro limiting switches for the top and bottom of the door.

can u draw it in a way that i would be able to understand as im not that familer with all the electronic signs.

Thanks, Eli.


Do you already have a legal AC line running out to the coop? If not you'll want to either have one installed so you can properly power the shredder's motor or you'll want to head in a different direction with the build.

You can look at the projects listed on the right hand side of this page to get some ideas of what you'll need to make this work.

elilco (author)  mpilchfamily3 years ago
Hi there,
Yes I ran a 110 line to the coup. That's all set.