I want to use a water catchment under my outdoor kitchen sink to re-use the water.

It would need to be a max. 20" high and 16" around. We'd need a multi-filter as well. Thank you!

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Take a look at this. Possibly you could modify it at bit to fit your available space.

This is so cool! I just asked my husband to make me one for my birthday! Thanks for sharing.

silversword (author)  RavingMadStudios7 years ago
Great, thank you for showing me this idea. I appreciate you taking my question at face value and not preaching at me.
jnorris115 years ago
There are some awesome solutions on outdoor kitchens in Tampa FL. It is where you will find better solutions because honestly I know hardly anything about construction and outdoor kitchens. Hope you find an answer.
Marsh7 years ago
 What is the water in this sink used for? If it's anything other than rinsing out a clean glass, the legal term for this water is RAW SEWAGE! If you check with your local government about this, they are going to point you down a path that will include an actual sewer connection and a building permit to install it.
That said, if it's not too dirty you could still use it to water your garden without any trouble. If there's any appreciable amount of organic material in it, it's going to smell bad and possibly create a health hazard.

silversword (author)  Marsh7 years ago
Hi Marsh,
I believe the term would be "gray water" rather than "raw sewage". I don't see how sink water could cause a health hazard, but that's neither here nor there. Do you have any suggestions on what to use to store the water?
Burf8 years ago
There are a good number of easy to find and build waste water recycling systems. But, the one thing i rarely see addressed in these designs are the legal restrictions that most communities have in place to regulate them.
Before starting, I would strongly recommend you check with local government offices regarding their regulations; building codes enforcement, the health department, environmental protection agencies and zoning departments come immediately to mind.
In some cases, the penalties for violations can be punitive and severe.