I want to use led rope (12 volt) to make 20" circular lamps, do I have to use a 12 volt battery source?

I am looking to make "lanterns" for a yard game and want to use led lights. What do I use? 12 volt led rope? 12 volt led string? Individual leds are too expensive locally, $2 per. My ultimate goal is to use 2 D cell batteries with a toggle switch and I would like the batteries last for multiple uses.

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Sandisk1duo8 years ago
if you want really cheap LEDs, you'll have to buy them in packs of 10

here's a link to the cheap LEDs

If you want LEDs really cheap, buy them in the thousands from China...

but i doubt that he/she'll use all those LEDs
I'd agree there, but if you've got 10,000 LEDs....

I know what I'm getting for Christmas.
Kryptonite8 years ago
I find they're great for projects that need power but you don't want to / can't use batteries.
Kryptonite8 years ago
You could use a wall power pack.
Yes, this will work. A 12V 1A "wall wart" DC adapter should work fine. If that's not portable enough, then use batteries - a small 12V motorcycle battery, or 2 6V lantern batteries in series, or 8 AA, C or D cells in series.