I want to use my camcorder as webcam.

Hey Everybuddy!!!   I have an everio JVC HDD camcorder. The model is GZ-MG330RU. It connects to the pc via usb. I want to use it as a webcam. But it should connect to the pc via usb. I mean the connection type for the webcam must always be usb. I dont want to convert it to someother type.

lemonie5 years ago
If the camera won't do it anyway, the most you will achieve is to break it trying.

Yep, just checked - this doesn't have webcam out. It's often found on stills cameras though, ironically...
frollard5 years ago
If the camera doesn't support webcam mode, then no, without getting it to output video to a video capture device, it's not gonna happen.

Most video cameras do not support webcam mode, the usb cable is just for file transfer.