I want to wire a microphone to my spark gap transmitter instead of a telegraph key how would i go about doing that?

If you could please add the schematics as well as how to wire it in that would be very helpful. I want to be able to transmit my voice and then receive it with another transmitter at a different location both transmitters will have receivers as well. When it is perfected then i will make a very in dept instrucatable on how to build it.

Re-design5 years ago
Either one will get you arrested. A spark gap transmitter will blank out all radio/tv for miles and the local/regonal/governmental radio regulation agencies will swoop down on you in mass.

Really dude/ dudette this is a really bad idea.
Spark transmitters went out with the Arc.....

iceng5 years ago
Are you related to Tesla ?
iceng iceng5 years ago
There is a company building an attack suit with a built in microphone
that you could hear better then a scratchy spark gap