I want to wire up L.E.D's to a motion sensor,?

... so when you wave your hand in front of it, the led lights turn on for a minute or so. is this easy to do, i have done some wiring and stuff before but not too sure about this one, thanks ... ( the l.e.d's will be placed behind some double sided mirror acrylic, i have placed a poster behind the double sided mirror, and i want to hook it up so that when you wave at the mirror, or stand in front of it the leds come on and you see the poster, its for my final project at university, showcasing the poster... any help wll be greatly appreciated)

frollard8 years ago
a 'capacitive' sensor would work - that way it would work by proximity. It can be made as a discreet circuit - or something like an arduino to sense the motion. Search for 'capacitive sensor' - should get you on the right track... Other options, ultrasonic, or passive infrared, or leds themselves as sensors - each need their own support circuits.
http://www.arduino.cc/playground/Main/CapSense << capacitive sensor source code and examples
superflye (author)  frollard8 years ago
thankyou so much for your response, is there anywhere i can find a circuit tutorial or something... would it be easier to use a different type of light rather than an l.e.d ? thankyou in advance. jack
led is one of the easiest light sources to work with since it's already DC. The link I posted has a section on the circuit diagram, and attachments with the source code - it's plug and play if you already have an arduino. Problem with LEDS is they aren't huge on brightness - so it might make more sense to use something brighter like fluorescent or incandescent - but then you run the problems with high voltage and temperature.