I was gonna enter the vintage contest what happened to it?

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Mr_o_uk4 years ago
It doesn't start til tomorrow. I think it's just the new formatting of the website "hides" the inbetweeners if there are lots of new contests.

Here's a link

Kiteman Mr_o_uk4 years ago
Pre-1980s? That's "vintage"?

Maybe I should just post a self-portrait...
Haha! I know! Pre 80s isnt vintage! That would mean I'm old! Oh wait....I am old... 70s had the best music
Haha, the "discussions" I have had with students about what constitutes "music".
I absolutely torment my son every morning on the ride to school. I have all sorts of great 70s downloaded and play in my truck on the way.
Vintage, not prehistoric ;-)
Pretty sure it ended a while ago.