I was just wondering I am trying to get a job in the next couple months?

 And I want a steady job because i need to buy a computer and other high priced items (like a car) i am 15 and just wanted to see what kind of jobs are out there for me.

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Re-design7 years ago
Fast food.
Yard work.
Office/mail room.
Store security (fake shopper watching for shoplifters).
Gas station.

Apply at the local city or county hiring office.  It's free and sometimes they have jobs when others don't.

Apply soon and often.
Apply in a manner that you think they are expecting.  This is not a good time to declare your independence.
Act in a mature manner.
Hide (cover up) any tats.
Be polite.
Be on time.
Act (be) intelligent.
And respectful.  You can be disrespectful in your free time.
Act interested in what ever it is that they do.
Research the place before you apply so you know a little about the company and can ask intelligent questions.
Be respectful. (Yes I know I already said it but it's important)
Try to look and dress like someone they would want to hire.
Act like you want to work, but don't beg.
Figure out why you're a better applicant and let them know it.
Be polite.

Good luck.
acidbass (author)  Re-design7 years ago
 wow thanks for the advice I really appreciate it
Swampy5917 years ago
Also, don't be afraid to walk into places (esp. places you like/shop at/eat at, what have you) and ask if they are looking for help.  Sometimes they don't advertise as well, or weren't even thinking of hiring until someone asks.  Ask adults you know if their businesses are hiring.  Put the word out there that you are job hunting, and even if places aren't currently hiring, ask if you can leave your number or fill out an application to be kept on file - remember, it never hurts to ask.
acidbass (author)  Swampy5917 years ago
 thanks mean i never thought of that
nickodemus7 years ago
Hmm... You could start flippin' burgers. I'm not quite sure how well that pays, but it's at least minimum wage. In USA I'm fairly sure minimum wage is up to $7 now.
You could make a few hundred bucks working light hours throughout the week.
acidbass (author)  nickodemus7 years ago
 cool thanks