I wish to make vertical wind turbine for 6kW generator, any suggestions about wings for it ?

We are trying to make wind turbine, to pace it on the roof, could be few of them, but reasonably big, if you know what i mean.

ARJOON6 years ago
6KW? this must be an extremely huge thing. mine is only 15W
azdanovica (author)  ARJOON6 years ago
i suppose so :)
rickharris6 years ago
Several instructables exist try a search.

I guess Fibreglass over balsa wood would be traditional.

Plastics, possibly Polypropylene has a good strength to weight ratio and can be moulded.

Wood -NEVER disregard good old ply wood.

Aluminium Easily available in sheet form.

Trouble is without knowing more about your design it isn't really possible to do much more than go though the material alphabet. We also don't know about you skills, manufacturing capability or budget restrictions.

Hard to guess.
azdanovica (author)  rickharris6 years ago
Thank you !