I wnt to build a directional speaker that can send more than 25mghz to my neighbors dog?

I have two german shepards next door who are driving me crazy with their barking all day and all night

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I am looking for the same thing only I want to use a high pitch sound that I can aim at peoples cars thumping the bass!!! Maybe replace the light in one of those roof mounted remote control spotlights with a directional speaker!! I know nothing about speakers and what would be required to do this. Need some speaker lingo to go shopping for the right parts.
Kiteman8 years ago
To make the sound directional, you need a parabolic dish. If you want to be sly about zapping the dogs, get hold of an old satellite receiver dish. At the end of the arm, replace the signal pick-up with a speaker pointing at the dish. Mount the dish on your wall, pointed towards the offending dogs' garden. Rig a system indoors - press the button, play a signal though the speaker, "beam" sound at dogs. Alternatively, if you don't car about being seen "at it", get hold of one of those "big ear" microphones with a parabolic dish that focusses sound on the microphone, replace the microphone with your speaker, and then use it as a gun to "shoot" the dogs.
Interesting idea, but since the speaker is designed to only project sound forward, would it work that well? A mic picks sound up that gets reflected off of the dish from it's sides, so I was just wondering.
iPodGuy Kiteman8 years ago
That is awesome Kiteman.
I think you mean a 25 kilohertz tone. (Air would stop 25 MHz audio dead.) Directionality shouldn't be a problem at this frequency, as higher frequencies are less prone to bending and spreading. You can use regular speaker with Audacity to create a frequency that is just within the speaker's range, like 19,000 Hz.

Now, playing annoying sounds is not magically going to make the dogs more quiet. If anything, you can expect them to bark more if annoyed. Why not look up the local noise ordinances instead? The first time, politely inform your neighbors that their dogs need to be quiet. Then explain the law. Then call animal control.
 i made a track that is a log sweep from 5000.00Hz to 4500.00Hz in 150 ms it should work for this

110100101108 years ago
record their barks and play back to them thru megaphone won't silence them but atleast provide some entertainment