I wonder! how one would go about turning a cellphone steampunk?

Like most of us here at instructables.com I loves steampunk stuff for no real apparent reason. It might be considered over the top to my cellphone into one but trust me my cellphone needs help. Its ok and some would call it cute but muchas boring.(hand -me- down) I never use it but this year for school I shall have to and so i want something that will make me smile ( especially during the school year. Our school is very unsmiley). So something very cool. I'm thinking a lot of brashish and wood but something I could easily do. My cell phone is two parts and flips open from the middle if you would like pics I would be more than happy to post some, Thanks Steamie

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Nah Giligan and the Proffesor did it to be death!  snicker!!
hobo86753098 years ago
Steampunk phone.jpg
One time i smashed a 7-year-old leapster with some friends and was exposed to the cyberpunk inside mechanics inside, and then again when i tried to fix my broken laptop. the point is that it might look good as a cell phone 2
gmjhowe8 years ago
I think the easiest and simplest way to go is painting. A nice matte black undercoat, with some dry brushing of copper. Once you have the right finish. You could get away with a simple flat cog on the back. You could even cut one out of card, and paint it in to match.
S1L3N7 SWAT8 years ago
Scratch it up and spray paint it bronze?
Jehosephat8 years ago
This is my version which I consider very basic but still looks decent. You could try spray painting the outside a silver or dark metal colour while covering up the screen with some painter's tape. Next, after the outside is dry, you can try detailing the inside with a paintbrush with the same outside colour. Then, when everithing is dry, accent certain areas you want with some brass-coloured paint, and set to dry. For an optional wheatherd look, take a small paintbrush (ones you use in painting portraits...arts and crafts stuff) and bab it in either black or silver paint (or a mixture of both, but if doing this make sure you use a small amount of the black paint to avoid it being too dark of a colour) and brush it on a piece of newspaper until the paint wears thin. Take that and brush in one direction. Repeat as many times as needed for optimal results. I will post an instructables ASAP and keep you posted on it. Best of wishes and godspeed, Jehosephat
nfarrow8 years ago
Take a look a thtis steampunk site
How about some coconut halves for the microphone and speakers!