I would like to Know how to an Altoids tin into something useful any ideas?

Hi, I have a bunch of Altoid tins laying around and I would like to do something cool but useful. If it is not useful, well, I don't care, it mostly is all about the cool part.

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Grathio8 years ago
Click here.

Then keep clicking "next" until you find something cool. There are around 400 entries, many of them contest winners.
nicelly5 years ago
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This site has everything from "Use it to store your gum" to "Make a fully functional electric guitar" (as well as about a bazillion survival kits). Look around.
junits158 years ago
well, you could use them all to make an enormus altoids grill.
Re-design8 years ago
There are atleast 100 altoids tin projects on this site. to start just look to the right.