I would like to convert CRT to TV?

I have seen CRT monitors converted to TV, complete with the required connections like RCA and remote control. Does anyone have the instructable to carry out this conversion?

nabulomi (author) 8 years ago
I finally modified the Monitor.
I had to substitute the motherboard with a new tv board.
Now I enjoy proper tv reception with cristal clear pictures all at the costs below
1. TV Board  $23
2. Labour $11

Total $34 (possibly add initial coat of CRT monitor) and you have a low cost TV set complete with remote control
There are external TV tuners you can buy, designed to allow a monitor to be used as a television or to be connected to home entertainment products... but the last one I saw was more expensive than my monitor. I've seen RCA jacks added to a CRT, but I've never seen anyone add a tuner or remote. The RCA jack project I saw has to have been at least 10 years ago and the monitor in question pre-dated SVGA.
vcr's have tv tuners built in. if you do a rca to vga conversion it would probably work
lemonie8 years ago
You need a TV tuner. So you could buy a TV card for your PC, or take a TV apart... mmm. There really isn't a lot of point with old TVs being so common, but if you've got TV parts let us know. L