I would like to install or have a CB radio installed in my truck

But I would like to know what type of radio I should get and if that one has a bullhorn function, I have a F250 super duty turbo diesel 2005 lariat crew cab long bed

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abadfart7 years ago
i have a cobra ultra 19. its small and has a pa but you will need a small amp between the head and the horn for best sound and you will want to wire it right to the battery
acidbass (author)  abadfart7 years ago
i see thank you
robcull7 years ago
@abadfart -
about wiring it straight to the battery... why not run it through the fuse box?
acidbass (author) 7 years ago
thank you RD
Re-design7 years ago
You should be looking for a radio with a "PA function".

It's just a function that allows you to use the internal amp. with an outside speaker that you have installed.

If you google " cb radio pa"  you get this.
P.s. Check your manual. Lots of cars that have computers limit the amount of power you can use as a transmitter without wrecking the computer.