I would like to know how to build a "snake board"?

Details- Having a Central board with two pivoting footplates attached at each end. the wheels are attached to the footplates via a form of "truck" as they are on regular skateboard. I need help trying to come up with it . you know like the cheap kind, easy kind, any would do, =D 

You could probably cut the deck pieces out of an old snowboard or longboard, but plywood or thick acrylic would work, too. Karnuvap's suggestion of using a strut instead of a full-on center board might make for an easier build and lower materials cost. You can steal trucks off of a thrift store skateboard, but  they'll need to be pretty wide ones. For the pivot hardware, just go ahead and buy some real pivots from a skate shop.
You can make bindings for cheap by just bolting an old pair of shoes to the foot plates. Bonus points if they're flame-patterned Chuck Taylors or something like that.
Danman3000 (author)  RavingMadStudios7 years ago
 sweet deal thanks alot bro i will try making an instructable! 
Koosie7 years ago
Have a look here:

Looks pretty easy to make.  Make an Instructable for us when you're done!
karnuvap7 years ago
I don't know if this helps you but my snakeboard (a stiffy) isn't like you describe.
It does not have a central board. only the two foot-boards. One above each truck, obviously.
They are joined by a strong polycarbonate strut.
The key to making it work is the pivot between the strut and the board. The axis of this pivot must be strong enough to remain vertical (at both ends) at all times.
Good luck trying to make one. They are really great to ride and it is very impressive to glide along without having to put your feet down to pedal it up to speed.