I would like to paint my bicycle camoflauge How could i do this

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Cheeseduck7 years ago
Another option you might not have considered is camo pattern tape. Outdoor sports stores usually have a few good choices, probably in the hunting area. These are usually very durable, and come in jungle, desert, real-tree, and other options.
Bert998 years ago
Clean it and then spray paint it with green and brown colors.
Ok, first clean the bike then paint the whole thing black. Then paint spots with tan, and so on with the colors until you like the shading. PM me for detail.
camb008 years ago
Remember always go from light colors to dark
thisdude8 years ago
thecheese429 process seems good but for a template a lot of people use leaves by first spraying the base coat letting it dry and then place a leaf over the part then spraying. then repeating until your happy
The quality of your paint job is dependent on the amount of work you put into this project. I will describe two ways, the first being the quick and simple (but low quality, and might not last long) and the second being higher quality (and should last a good time) Get a wet washcloth and clean the part you will be painting. You can't have any dirt on it or the paint won't work. Then, get some medium sandpaper and scuff up the part that will be painted. If you don't want little specs of paint everywhere, cover the parts not to be painted with newspaper and masking tape. Spray your base color. Use a few thin coats. Then spray your splotches on top of that. wait for it to dry, and you have a camo bike! now here's the better (and more time intensive) version: Take the bike completely apart. Every piece that can come off must come off of the frame. Then, get some sandpaper and strip the frame down to bare metal everywhere (a grinder with a sandpaper wheel helps). Get some primer (homedepot has rustoleum primer, or you can go to your auto parts store and talk to them about it) and put several super thin layers on, allowing them to wait the prescribed amount of time as it says on the can. Then put several thin layers of your base color on, sanding lightly with wet sandpaper (600-800 grit). For camo, you'd probably want olive green. Then you can put on the actual "camo" part, and spray brown and black on top of the green, in splotches. If you want it to last a little longer, put a topcoat on. This step isn't necessary, and you may want the dull look of paint without a topcoat. If you do want it, put it on like the base color, sanding between coats.