I would love a recipe to make ice-cream without a machine. Thank you.?

As I don't have an ice-cream machine I would still love to be able to make my own. Does anyone have an easy (or other) recipe I could try. Many thanks. carost.

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Use any ice-cream recipe, All what the ice cream machine part is for freezing it and it won't build up ice crystals.

There's some recipes around here. Uncoiled.Tiger's Instructable is very nice, just leave out the lemon. https://www.instructables.com/id/Lemon-Squeezy-Ice-Cream/
a_traceur8 years ago
This works great! And the concept can be modified for bigger stuff.
kcls8 years ago
If you are willing to buy this then it is pretty fun!
http://icecreamrevolution.com/ it is like the coffee can.
cdubnbird8 years ago
we frequently make dry ice cream. all you need is dry ice (and of course the ice cream ingredients). You can either use a CO2 fire extinguisher for the dry ice as explained here http://www.popsci.com/node/3027 . Or you can just buy a block of dry ice at the grocery store. Take the dry ice while it's in the bag and then put a grocery bag around it and then wrap it in a towel you don't mind getting beat up. Then take a hammer and hit it until you have chunks the size of your thumbnail or smaller. Now whether you use the fire extinguisher or the block of dry ice all you have to do is add all the ingredients together and mix while you slowly add the dry ice till it becomes thick like the consistency of ice cream. As an added bonus the bowl you make it in will bubble and CO2 smoke will come out of it, and the ice cream itself will be carbonated like soda and will 'pop' in your mouth.
kelseymh8 years ago
wearingpink8 years ago
I've done it with a coffee can before. Put the icecream stuff inside a giant ziploc, inside another one for protection. Put that in the coffee can, with ice + salt on all sides of it. Put on the lid and roll it around. It takes a while but it works, especially with a partner to roll to. Also, make sure your can is not rusty cuz it makes a mess.
kylara708 years ago
If you do not have a coffe can, use the first recipe. These are good recipes and you can alter to your taste.