Can I cook in a fireplace without a dutch oven?

 I would like to cook in my fireplace, but I don't want to have to purchase a dutch oven. I know about the foil method, but could I use recipes meant for dutch ovens in a cast-iron pot, which I could then place on the coals?

lemonie7 years ago
Only today I saw a cast iron pot in a charity-shop. Only now do I think "hmm, I could be cooking on my fire right now"...
You can put potatoes under the fire-bars, but any heavy-based pot/pan would work for you. On the coals is a bit extreme, you'd really want to mount your cookware near but not in direct contact.

What's the difference between a "Dutch oven " and a "cast iron pot" ? None that I can really see. Make sure the Cast iron pot has a tight fitting lid...

noahh (author)  steveastrouk7 years ago

A dutch oven has the mounting tripod.