IPod touch to external monitor?

I'm building an all inclusive ipod touch case, including solar panels, external speaker, stylus, rechargeable battery, etc. However,  I was looking at an 8 by 4 inch monitor that would enable me to at the very least watch videos on it. I'm sure it's possible, because the touch has cables capable of taking its 30 pin signal and converting it to rca for connection to a standard tv. The real question then I guess would be, is there any chance of me being able to hook it up to a touchscreen one and/or be able to have it display the springboard instead of just dedicated video out signals. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

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conradev7 years ago
To do so, you need an official component/composite cable from Apple, and a tweak in Cydia by Ryan Petrich called DisplayOut, which is $2, and sends everything on the screen out over the cable/
cyrozap7 years ago
Try this cable and a console game system LCD; they usually have the RCA input, but are usually around 5" diagonally.
lemonie7 years ago

  apparently it'll do component-out, so yeah. But it won't have an RF modulator, so forget RCA.

ShiesTech (author)  lemonie7 years ago
Component cables are a form of RCA cables. RCA is the type of tip, so both component and composite cables have RCA (phono) tips. I've also used a male 30 pin dock connector to standard male composite cables (r, w,y) to connect to my tele. However, it does not output the springboard or anything besides what appears to be a dedicated video signal. That's what I'm going for, the entire ipod ui on a larger screen.
I think I have maybe seen RCA used incorrectly before (I'm not familiar with it otherwise)...  What exactly does it have (I ain't got an iPod) but I imagine a video, L & R audio combo-socket?