IR iPod universal remote Help ~ I need help with the diagram!!!!!!!!!!!

I am trying to build an IR iPod Remote. This device will be able to send an IR signal to your TV and control it. The device will connect to the audio jack. I have shown a driagram of this. However, I need help in creating a device that i will plug into my mic jack and record the signals from my TV remote. ( I have a IR photodiode, IR LEDS and a IR phototrasistor. ) PLEASE HELP ME!!!!

Picture of IR iPod universal remote Help ~ I need help with the diagram!!!!!!!!!!!
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matstermind6 years ago
so does the shematic you posted work, or are you asking to add to this in order to record signals?
Check out this iphone IR device that lets you control all your IR remote controlled media devices. only $10! I got one and love it.
not needed8 years ago
VHawk (author)  not needed8 years ago
I do not own an ipaQ and it would be impossible to get one. But i have figured it out...
hai, you said you have figured it out, how did you figure it out? please reply, thanks.
ckuburlis VHawk7 years ago
 how did you end up getting it to work?
Djdavies837 years ago
I've been looking into this for 24 hours, here is, on this page, is where my searching has brought me.
All my findings so far are pasted bellow....
 iPhone ir remote project   Found app in app store to control 4 ir power sockets from the iPhone/  touch headphone jack with diy headphone to IR dongle, below is a   webpage about this app and hardware.   After a bit of googling I found this...  From here I went to   Bulk of the information needed, from hear I needed to find out how to   record ir codes as sound without a pocket pc, how to make ir recording   hardware, How to make ir jack dongle.   Did a google for "record ir code as wav" And got the following....  From here I found this page most usefull On this page I found the diagram for the ir recording hardware, it   uses 5V, could I basically put a photo diode in the end of a USB plug   and have a "signal cable" running into the "mic in" socket?   While searching for headphone jack to ir hardware ideas I came back to   the same guy at this newer forum page.   Got slightly side tracked by this   Aahaa! Found a diagram for a headphone ir jack,    randomly he is looking for the recording part, I'll drop him the   link I found.           Sent from my iPhone

ir to mic in diagram.gif
karnuvap8 years ago
I think I can see what you are trying to do here. Use the mic socket on the ipod in record mode to record the signal from the remote with an IR Photodiode (sensor) and then, using a different unit - this time plugged into the earphone socket to replay the recording into aome IR LEDs and thus get the TV to respond. There is, however, a problem. The signal that you are trying to record is very high frequency. It is unlikely that the ipod will be able to 'hear' them and faithfully record them. I don't know enough about the ipod but my Palm PDA has its own IR port and there are apps you can download that use it to control TVs and such. Does the Ipod not have an IR port of its own?
Jayefuu8 years ago
You'd be better off looking up the timings your TV uses on the internet, I'm almost certain someone will have already done this and recorded it somewhere, and they're likely to be a lot more accurate with an oscilloscope than you would be with that. What make/model is your TV?