IS THERE A NAME FOR HAVING THE OBSESSION FOR APPLE?? Because i think thats what i have.


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led235 (author) 8 years ago
 lots of best answers here! i cant choose. thanks guys for the definitions! Im going with macolyte
led235 (author) 8 years ago
 well, i own a Mac Pro, macbook, iphone 3g, ipd touch 2g, ipod nano 4th and 5th, ipod shuffle 2nd, ipod mini, ipod 3 rg gen with dock connector. i literally collect ipods! this is serious, and not the fruit, the whole product line is my obsession!!!
Yeah, yeah.  You've got it bad, whatever they  call it.  So do you like the word "macolyte", or are you holding out for something better?

Of course the word probably sounds like a pejorative, coming from a seemingly disrespectful apple-infidel (app-findel) like myself. In other comments here I have admitted that Macs and other apple products are pretty, and I can see the appeal. "Apple-peel"?  Maybe you'll like that one.  I dunno, it's probably not gonna win you over.   I am reminded of the words spoken by Bill Pullman, in that movie Independence Day:
"I know there is much we can learn from each other,if we can negotiate a truce. We can find a way to coexist. Can there be a peace between us?"

Is Gmjhowe the leader of the Macolytes? Or just sort of a patient-0, one of the first to be infected? Or maybe the word "gmjhowe" is itself an acronym with some greater meaning?  So many questions for just 11 letters.

I tend to agree with Sean, that the correct word is "gullible". 

However I have also heard the phrase "Cult of Mac".  If you actually own a Mac, plus a Ipod, Iphone, etc,  I'd say that you're an acolyte, or rather a Macolyte, of this cult.

So what do you think of "Macolyte"?  Does that word fit?
like a glove Jack...just like a fine doe leather glove. at least imo/e

Honestly, I fear Apple products with a kind of irrational prejudice that borders on superstition.  I mean I'll admit that they're pretty, inside and out.  Their GUIs look pretty.  The hardware is sleek, light weight, also very pretty.  But then I look at the price tag, and then I hear these horror stories about the evil iTunes DRM, and how backing up music you paid for to another non-Apple device is a Sisyphean ordeal involving like actual cracking of encryption.  Again I'm not sure of the gritty details because the superstition and avoidance on my part.  Someone who knows and defends Mac/Apple products should please correct me if I'm wrong.
Just did a search on it, and it was already in UrbanDictionary, so that's damn-near official.
If you're referring to the fruit, try Malusdomesticaphilia.
Unfortunately, that reads like something that would trigger filters on a school website...
As well it should. Apple-love is an unnatural abomination. We must protect the children. ;-)
DJ Radio8 years ago
The electronics brand or the fruit?
Good one!
Kryptonite8 years ago
There is no actual word for this, but I'm sure if you submitted it to Wikipedia then there soon would be a globally accepted word.
gmxx8 years ago
seandogue8 years ago
Oh, I'm sure I'll get "sh" for this....

I can only think of one


Ahem.... Sh. That is all.