Where can I get full UV LEDs?

I need some full ultraviolet LEDs for a project. I've found some, but they don't output light completely in th UV range. These lights also put out visible violet light; I need them to give me invisible UV light. The wavelength that they put out needs to be around 300nm-350nm. Thanks.

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So add a violet filter.....
DIY Emilio (author)  steveastrouk6 years ago
I figured that I would just have to do that if I wanted to get a nice UV-only output. I've only found LEDs in the 390-405nm range. These probably put out enough mixed in UV light to be filtered.
nicelly5 years ago
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dog digger6 years ago
You can get them but they are a very specialized LED. Try online electronics stores and I know that dealextreme have relatively good ones
frollard6 years ago
Never heard of em. Simply put, they haven't found
a) a phosphor that emits just that wavelength
b) efficiently enough for it to be profitable enough to manufacture.

Both conditions must be met. That said - the near visible ones often put out a range, and some of it is in the invisible range -- enough so that they can be used to expose UV sensitive films/resists/etc. You won't be making an LED tanning bed any time soon.
DIY Emilio (author)  frollard6 years ago
I actually want to use a modified camera CCD to make a USB UV microscope that can get a little more powerful than normal microscopes. Tubes take too much power for this. I might do better to use a more focussed laser in the shallow or near UV range (I haven't found a full UV diode yet, and doubt there will be an affordable one).