I'd like to make a drinking glass out of a beer bottle. What's the best way to cut it?

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Robot Lover7 years ago
I remember someone showing me the string trick years ago, it worked somewhat. I just read an instructable for using a hotwire cutter (think styrofoam cutting) for cutting plate glass. I have never tried this but perhaps taking a piece of pc board and looping .020-.030 stainless aircraft safety wire around a bottle, using two holes no more than about 1/16th inch apart in the pc board, attach 6-12 v battery charger to each end of stainless wire, slide pc board against bottle to sinch wire around bottle. Heat it for a time, remove wire and quench in cold bucket of water? I think it will work. Make sure it is just raw pc board or bakelite.
majeral8 years ago
they have a bottlecutting kit you can use safe and fast not to costly. we used them in the old s (1960) Maj
6528008 years ago
I would suggest tieing a string around the bottle where you want to cut it, then soaking that string in acetone. After it has soaked up as much acetone as it can hold, put it back on the bottle, then hold it horizontally and hold a lighter under it while rotating the bottle. After a little while doing this, hold it underwater and on different sides of your planned breaking edge, and break it like you would a twig.
I've also read somewhere that you score the line with a glass cutter and then evenly heat the score with a propane torch until it pops.
There is an instructable (https://www.instructables.com/id/How-To-Cut-A-Glass-Bottle./) for this and check out the one for how to cut make wine bottles into glasses. The wine bottle instructable shows you how to sand down the edges so they don't cut you!

NachoMahma8 years ago
. Score a line in the bottle then use a bent, heavy wire to tap along the score from the inside. It takes some practice, so expect to break a few before you get it right. Observe all safety precautions (gloves, eye protection, &c).