Ideas For A Hard Hitting Video Commercial?

Ever watched one those short yet touching video clips in YouTube?

Our teacher gave us a 1 month homework on shooting a professional looking video commercial about something that would make a change, Something that would fit in the 1-3 minute time limit. It should be short yet STRONG enough to send a message. If you've watched pay it forward, the HW given by our teacher is similar to Trevor's HW, but in a form of a video clip. 

Please share your thoughts by leaving a comment. We are very grateful for your help! 
(We believe that a 1 minute video is enough to make the world a better place)

Expected Contents From Video: 
- No limit to subject
- Runs for 1-3 minutes
- Should send a strong message
- Designed to make a change
- Must be original

>To give thanks, we will be giving away a 3 month pro-membership to the person who gives out the most Hard Hitting idea<