Ideas for Men's beaded jewellery.

Anyone got ideas for Men's jewellery. For example, what kind of beads, style, etc. I am kinda of bored making just plain cord necklaces. Thank you

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kylara708 years ago
knots with neutral tone beads always look great. Think of the surfer necklaces or the fisherman's knot bracelets men have been wearing for centuries. Patterns with black/brown/tan and white can be very masculine. small sizes seem to work well, small shells, small beads in patterns, and geometrics seem to be popular as well.
Macrame lends itself well to gents jewellery. Wide cuffs are popular too, in peyote or net stitches. Bold colours work as well as dark and neutral ones. I find purples of most shades sell quite well. Knotted cord with wood beads goes down well too.
beadydani (author)  Crafter-Wolf7 years ago
Thanks for the advice, I am actually working on a colourful collection of macrame for men. Just finished women's designs.
hishealer8 years ago
My husband once found one from stone beads all around with an arrowhead shaped center of the same stone.  He doesn't wear it much because it pinches, but a better made one with a similar design.... *goes to craft store to brainstorm*
Changing the stringing method could prove effective. Try beading with eye-pins and jump rings to create a chain-effect between beads. Previous suggestions (using metal/stone/bone beads) is also a good idea, ,either in conjunction with mine, or not.
Kiteman8 years ago
If you want manly jewellery, use manly jewels - bolts, cogs, chunky lumps of metal, bits ripped out of PCs and videos.
Well here's a few tips. Select "manly" beads. These can be metal beads, dark colors, earthy colors, solid primary/secondary colors, and simple patterns. Avoid "frilly" or "dainty," pastels, flowery patterns, hello kitty, etc. Big, chunky beads can be alright... but try to avoid gigantic spherical beads. They give off a "Marge Simpson" vibe. When mixing and matching beads for a guy, keep it simple. Three different beads will usually be enough. Anyway, none of these are rules. Pick colors and shapes that you like, and try them out. If you like the results... who cares about the tips I just gave?