Ideas for a spooky gadget?

I have a P&P group and we're playing Cthulhu. I thought about giving an artifact as a handout that does something strange. Like a small stone figure that becomes warm or moist after the unsuspecting player holds it for a while. Or an old phone which is clearly unusable, but when needed it rings.
Maybe I will need a remote to do that. But I'm looking for really simple solutions. Any ideas?

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Toga_Dan2 months ago

props made of gallium will melt in your hand.

iceng Toga_Dan2 months ago

That gives the basis for a scary transform idea..

Make a plastic or tin horrid golf ball face and cast a pretty smiles pumpkin around it.

Then that transforms to that horrid face by the warmth of your holding hand,

an unexpected SCARY Surprise !

iceng2 months ago

Vertical wand stick of LEDs that use POV (Persistence Of Vision) to show a spooky image that is evident when someones eyes sweep the stick...

The SF Exploratorium has a large such display as I remember..

Toga_Dan2 months ago

invisible ink map.

Toga_Dan2 months ago

chinese puzzle box which opens itself.

iceng2 months ago

A ring with an embedded magnet that can release a secret key from a curio statue...