Ideas for motor drive mechanism on a so-far un-designed combat robot?

I am going to be soon thinking about designing a combat robot for fun. Probably won't be any real competing (unless it's among friends).
I am however at a loss for what kind of motors/ where to get them to use for the driving mechanism so the bot can move.
Any ides anybody?

*Finding old cordless drills and removing the motors did come to mind

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red_green5 years ago
i wonder if they sell continuous rotation servos that are powerful enough for that...
rickharris5 years ago
Most combat robots use wheel chair motors and SLA battery 250 watts + you need a lot of grunt

HOWEVER that is only the start of the problems!

You need to look at what others have done there is a wealth of combat robot design information if you search.
lemonie5 years ago
Design it first, or find some motors and batteries first.
It's not much good asking what to drive "it" with at the moment if you've no parts and no design spec'.

canucksgirl5 years ago
How about working with some RC cars, or an RC Tank? You could recycle the motor and the drive belts etc, and then modify a new body/design from there.
An_Amateur622 (author)  canucksgirl5 years ago
Well.. I don't know if those motors would supply enough torque.
Granted the body will probably be made out of aluminum.
I will look into it though, thanks for the idea!
You might want to try some specific RC Racing Clubs. I know the ones up here are pretty serious and they spend hundreds if not thousands on it... They'll know where you can get a really good heavy duty motor for your needs and most likely on the cheap. :)